Saturday, November 23, 2013

Morning Walk

Its difficult at first, but then you get used to it and then it becomes so much a part of your daily ritual that you can't seem to start your day without it.
My day begins with a steaming hot cup of Assam tea, yeah I have been adviced on the goodness of warm water with lime juice and honey, but what's life if we can't enjoy our own beverage.

I quickly tie my walking shoes, thanking the mastermind inventor of it (my heels actually thank him/her). At this point I am in a great hurry to be out and my sluggish husband always tests my morning patience by dilly-dallying in searching of things like keys, socks, cellphone....AAAAAGGGGG!!!

And then I am off. The fresh air hits my lungs and my limbs are raring to go.
When that lazy lump of a husband decides to sleep in, I take my ipod and plunge into a musical world. Sometimes the nonsensical lyrics of Honey Singh make me smile in memory of days in Ludhiana, Punjab. Nikki Minaj and Jessie J pep me up with my loveliest memories of the U.K, Bollywood songs bring longing for  Mumbai and the romantic Marine Drive.
And before this piece of writing becomes a trip down memory lane, back to mornings.

My companions come in all shapes and sizes! There are those who struggle, pant and puff; Those who race and overtake others like they are the Donald Trumps of the walking track. Some people put their music on speakers so when they cross you you know what their taste in music is like- Bhajans mostly or old Bollywood hits. Now speaking of which, I feel the kind of music one listens to is like a window to the kind of person you are.

Okay back to morning walks- one interesting thing I often observe is the way people glance at each other when they cross each other's paths. Some seem to look you up and down and say "Tsk!Tsk! so overweight!!" While some kind of admire you silently or maybe like my Hubby says who has the time like you to think so much?

Have you noticed how people do the stretching and the exercising? Some look so hilarious, I actually saw a man holding a tree and swinging around it!A women doing some kind of breathing exercise that seems like she was gasping for breath!Some people clap as they walk,is it to cheer themselves or some kind of yogic stance?

Here I must again bring back Mumbai to tell you all about my fantastic Marine Drive morning walks- the thing about Mumbai is nobody looks at anybody. Its as if you don't exist. People walk alone, or as couples or as the typical SOBO Gujju businessmen group,more I think to discuss their deals, mixing business with exercise. And the open sea, the crashing waves..... but all that some other time. Back to sweet Nagpur morning walks.See the best thing in Nagpur is the forest at Seminary Hills and that is  where I take my morning walks. If I need a reason why I am inspired to tumble out of bed every morning it must be this.

And as it often happens in the middle of my walking, I am seized by an urgent need to sit down or bunk the walk midway and cheat myself off the track and take a detour or a shortcut;I can't. See that's the beauty of the "forest walk" in Nagpur, they have a narrow jogging track and you are forced to complete the whole round at least once (almost like life itself, no shortcuts and no going back)!
So at the end you reach back home tired but with euphoric feelings and muscle soreness, but the endorphins released in the body making you feel exhilarated and ready to face your day!
See you in the morning!
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