Thursday, February 20, 2014

To Tea Or Not To Tea

It’s difficult to refuse since every cell in your body craves it. You imagine it hot and steaming, the liquid hitting you with its bitter astringent taste, filling you with serotonin. Bubbles of theanine and dopamine bursting inside you.You are calm now, breathing regular and the world is once again a wonderful place to be in!!

So why would you refuse it?

I started drinking tea at collage, the usual excuse, staying up late, completing the portions, the last minute studying. Those days I used to drink tea without milk or sugar. Dark brown and acidic, it filled me with its cannabinoid receptors helped me calm down and at the same time be alert. What a discovery it was, this thing called tea! And the best part was it wasn’t even illegal or immoral to drink it (which most enjoyable things in life are). I could even flaunt it, declare it to all that I was a tea-drinker!

Life could be tolerable because of this wonder drink. But here is the catch, everyone drinks their own version of tea!

Some like it milky and sweet, some with spices and lemon juice, some like it green and bland, and then again some add Yak butter and rock salt to it (In Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal)!
Even among those who brew it the same way as I do, there's many a slip between the cup and the lip. The amount of milk, the sugar, the brewing and the quality of water. And so even when I am dying to say yes to that heavenly manna, I pause and cold dread fills my soul.

See that’s the thing about tea, you got to drink it “your way” or not at all. It’s a lot like love-making, it’s got to be with your lover or not at all (Well for most of us anyway).

But some people visit whores and gigolos you say? Yes that’s why some people end up drinking publicly brewed tea made in a random kitchen by an obnoxious and insensitive cook!
Now isn’t tea a delicate thing giving you immense joy for ever?

Food for thought with your morning cup!

(Photo Credits: yours truly)

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