Saturday, June 7, 2014

Time Flies

Less than a month left for her to leave the house and move to a hostel! The thought fills me with dread. Can a month sometimes seem too short? Where do I begin?

My mind races back to the days when she was a toddler. We ooohhed and aaaaahhed her every milestone. The sight of her toothless grin which lasted alas only just a few months: priceless!  Her comical crawling style avoiding her knees on the floor technique, mispronouncing words in a unique gabble, her fascination for the Bindi, my dupatta, my lipsticks, even my hair! Dolling up and kissing her reflection on the mirror! All this and many more memories bring a catch to my throat as I prepare for my D-day (daughter’s going to university). 

I was one obsessive parent. I used to wash her toys while she was teething in anti-septic solution! Dr.Spock was my bible and the charts given on feeds and naps on Johnson Baby Book was my almanac. I made friends with other mothers so I could exchange information on novel ways to feed, soothe, bathe and amuse her. Bedtime stories were supposed to be calming down time but ended up in her getting more excited. The dimming of lights, the A.C and the fact that her parents were around would result in her breaking off into bouts of jumping fits on the bed! I knew all her school lessons by heart and the TV cartoons she followed (Pokémon, Kids next door, Avatar) were a part of my vocabulary too! I surveyed all neighbourhood schools looking for the best, idealised the concept that nursery should be only fun- learning.

Her teenage years are filled with memories both sweet and sour. She was growing up with a mind of her own. Fiercely independent in her thinking, often leading to frequent show downs on rules and priorities!  Many a times I let her be, testing how far she would go. But she is a sensible and sensitive child and the values I had sowed were planted deep.

I learn so much from her every day. On many occasions I have followed her advice (starting a blog was her idea). 

Sometimes I get the feeling that she is much more sensible then her mom! Yes, I am her biggest fan.

Will my life be the same with her not being in the house? Not at all!

Disagreements over sleeping and waking up time (she can beat an owl in night time wakefulness), choice of food, studying too little, texting too much, and the list goes on!

Will I miss her presence in my life? You bet I will.

She/I slamming the door and walking out in a huff can’t be replaced with long distance conversations on Skype! That satisfying feeling when she polishes off the last bit of Rajma-Chawl on her plate can’t be replaced by her telling me she ate this and that at the hostel mess. Peeping into her room and hearing her soft snoring and angelic face framed on the pillow can never be replaced by her framed photograph on my desk!

They call it an empty nest syndrome and a stage in the cycle of parenthood and life. Electronics help of course and distance is now only a matter of the mind. I smile as a beautiful thought creeps into my mind, “A son is a son till he takes a wife, and a daughter's a daughter the rest of her life".

So I have a whole life time to enjoy her company! *Wicked grin spreads across my face*
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