Saturday, July 19, 2014


What’s with rains and me? I love rains and that’s an understatement.

I was sent to a boarding school at the age of five or so. My parents, both working professionals thought it better that I should be raised in a boarding rather than be left on my own among the house help .The school was called Pine Mount and true to its name it was on top of a quaint hill surrounded by pine trees in the picturesque capital of Meghalaya, Shillong.

Meghalaya as the name aptly defines, is the abode of clouds. Most days of the academic year we would wake up to cloudy grey skies or a light drizzle. Even at that young age I loved wearing my rubber gum boots and raincoat and running off to play hide and seek in the light drizzle. What fun it was when low clouds suddenly made everything within a few meters disappear and then suddenly reappear again like magic. Aaahaa! Planting the first seeds of a romantic in me!

During my teenage and growing up years in Guwahati I have some nostalgic memories of rain. The rains would start as early as April and continue till late September.

The flooding of streets, returning home drenched from college, the sight of the turbulent  Brahmaputra spilling into its embankments, the lush green foliage on the Navagraha hill. And of course I slowly blossomed into a poet! Who wouldn’t? When the rain fell on the tin roof of my Assam type house, I discovered rhyme and rhythm in that cacophony. What else can I say I think I had fallen in love with the monsoons!

Delhi and rain is a misnomer! Yet in my first home on the fourth floor of a DDA flat in Vasant Kunj,I witnessed lovely short spells of rain. My little daughter’s enthusiasm to use her new umbrella didn’t get dampened.

And finally Mumbai! I re-discovered my love for the monsoons!

Sudden down pours during walks on Marine Drive, the sight of approaching grey clouds over the Arabian Sea, roast corn on hot coal, high tide on chowpatty beach, reaching work in wet shoes, drenched seats of the yellow and black cabs, cycling in the rain! I can go on and on describing the many shades and sounds of my love!

I wonder why I love the summer showers so much? Is it the soothing sound of rain falling? Is it the sight of everything washed, cleaned and sparkling? Is it the cool breeze that brings summer temperatures down? Why do I feel so happy when it rains? Anyway how does it matter? I am in love and as long as the raindrops keep falling on my head I am happy!
 Listen to this lovely song to go with the mood.
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