21 July 2015

A Job Well Done!

I stumble out of bed every morning and sluggishly get ready for work. But the drudgery and monotony ends there. From the minute I enter the school gates I am transformed into this hyper energetic adrenaline  pumping super woman(picture Kick-Ass, the movie). Each day I am faced with the colossal  task of imparting knowledge, entertaining and disciplining all in an Oppa Gangnam style!

Those of you who follow my blog,first,  due apologies but I need to be true to the name:" The Lazy writer"(hence the long gap). I had written a post on my dilemma over whether to join work or not to  on 23/3/2014. Well that was almost a year and a half ago. Since then, I have joined a school nearby as a history teacher . Turns out this place is a top- notch school of Nagpur , so yes, the grind gets tougher.

Managing a class of  hormonally charged teenagers can be compared to a walk in a park, only this is no ordinary park, it is the Jurassic park! There are about 35 different species of chipmunks  jostling for your attention. Their war cry is "Ma'am ,ma'am, ma'am"!!

 Mornings are mostly calm and smooth sailing. But this is the calm before the storm! After the lunch hour it's  mayhem! Classrooms resemble a torpedo hit war zone!  Every day  it's a thrilling new roller coaster ride on  Zombie land!

My zeal to teach comes from my love for Social-Sciences. Talking about  human affairs  in the context of time and space gives me a high. I love to share my treasure trove of  lore and legends, myths and fiction with all and sundry.

 History and Politics are my passion. Not the  Arnab Goswani 9 pm politics but more geopolitical straight talk. So I actually look forward to walking into a class. Like Quentin Tarantino I give my mesmerized audience a KILL Bill style performance and amid the roaring  applause (ahem ahem!! actually the school bell!) I exit the stage( class room) and like a seasoned performer I ride into the sunset with my guns still smoking, actually that should read sweat dribbling.

I love my voice and to have a rapt audience listening to my talks is like pure nectar for the soul.
 Yes there are the downsides. Doesn't everything in life have one?
 My voice gets hoarse by Wednesdays. I am left with a croak, emitting from somewhere down my overused larynx.
 Kids are moody. They sometimes snap at inconsequential things.(don't we all), choose bigger battles to fight  over!

 Exams, assessments, tests, assignments, the syllabus completion all  gets a little monotonous and leave a twitch in the neck but I will never trade this job for one behind a desk surrounded by grumpy cynical adults!
Children- I love their company. It's amazing how dynamic they are. These days they come in extra smart packaging. Most of them know a whole lot more than you and me about this planet. They are street smart and foxy. What they lack in years they make up for in their savvy smooth jargon.

Children respect those who respect and understand them(like the Bournville ad.says"You have to earn it!") Time spent with them is time well spent, that's my logic. Being sincere and loving has always helped me win their hearts.
 I must be one lucky woman to be  doing a job and loving it too!

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