7 February 2016

The Writer

 I haven't written anything since months!My blog was laying somewhere in cyber space orphaned and lonely.Even Facebook sent me a text,"You Haven't Posted in 106 Days!The Lazy Writer  hasn't  heard from you in a while."

I used to compose poems when I was a young girl. I still have that book dated 1984.Its  filled with words about teenage love and heartbreaks. The pages are yellow, its writing is faded. I smile every time I go through these poems, they fill me with nostalgia about my sweet childhood days.The emotions locked within the words are overwhelming they still fill me with pride and joy.

In 2013 my daughter told me to start a blog.She said it would be like a hobby,something I would be proud and happy to pursue.She guided and coaxed me to write down whatever came to my mind.Till then I had never known how much I loved to write.Once fired there was no stopping me.My blog gave me a sense of accomplishment.The frequency of posts almost seemed as if I had chosen the wrong title for my blog 'The Lazy Writer'.

And then it had happened!The block!My blogger arteries got chocked.The words stop flowing.I went into a writer's coma.Lethargy kicked in and the sluggish hand always reached out for the tv remote.Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months.I had written almost nothing.Everything else had become a priority except my writing.Sometimes it was evaluation of test- papers,sometimes social functions,the meals needed to be taken care of,the house,the pet,the husband,the child,the in-laws. Something or someone always got the precedence over my writing.
As we grow older we get tied down to obligations.We engage our lives in knots and twists.We forget to live even a moment of our day for our exclusive self.
Don't get me wrong I haven't grown a single pragmatic bone in my body.I was just busy dealing with life's mundane issues and I haven't given up on my blog.
We all need to be proud of something,something self created.It may be as simple as a dish or as extraordinary as a piece of music.Something that as we grow older keeps us romantic,passionate and adventurous.Something that never lets us surrender to a humdrum monotonous existence.

It's my ego-boost time now.Today I will do nothing else but be with myself.I will visit my paradise, hear the tapping music of the keyboard,let my words cascade into the blank screen.Like a butterfly I shall spread my wings and fly, just for the sheer bliss of flying.

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