1 February 2015

Pigs Can Fly And Flu !

My blogging had reached zero balance; I was on the verge of declaring myself mentally bankrupt, when voila it hit me. A phone call and a curt voice informed me I had swine flu. How did this happen? I had not even eaten bacon or salami for months! Are you sure you haven’t mixed my swab sample with some other swine, I asked, to which I only received silence. When did humor die?

I had not been writing anything for quite a long time. Do bloggers reach a block too? Or are we the children of a lesser God, not so privileged. So what’s with my swine flu and blogging you ask?
The moment I heard the word SWINE FLU my science dyslexic mind immediately registered “Impending death”. So I promptly changed my status on WhatsApp to “Goodbye cruel world”.
I was hounded till  2 am with phone calls and please reply asap.A few of my well wishers (read dog-haters) felt I had somehow caught the infection from my newly adopted street dog. All explanations of mine on the differences in animal species fell to deaf ears.Some others linked my newly acquired H1N1 status  to an  old habit of  pigging out! Anyway,whatever the source, since now I was experiencing some difficulty in breathing and not able to sleep in an upright position I decided to make hay while the sun shines, write my blog.

As a child whenever I faked illness to avoid going to school, my parents saw through the act and send me packing. Being doctors, low grade fever, stomach pains were trivial matters for them. So I took to over reacting to situations to grab attention.
I love attention. I have a fondness for melodrama. I can joke, clown and cook up tall stories to grab eyeballs. Although Ekta Kapoor is the icing in this department I take the cake. Here is a little secret the reason I enjoy my teaching job so much is the free audience I get for my theatricals every morning (I even get paid for my histrionics).
Now thanks to the pig, I am getting so much love and attention that it has let my creative juices flow from literally the gutters! Now I finally have a post in 2015 and to think I had almost given up on writing.
So never lose hope. Inspiration can spring up from even a shitty pigsty. Oink that!

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