Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Club 60- Film Review

The Story: A doctor couple loses their only son to gun violence in the U.S and forfeits all reasons to carry on living, till they meet members of Club 60!  A beautifully woven tale of real life characters where “old” people find a reason to forget their personal grief and loss and enjoy every bit of their lives.

Club 60

My Review: Debutant director Sanjay Tripathy’s poignant story about how people’s expectations are often misplaced somewhere down the road and the house so carefully build with dreams and hopes come crashing down. The protagonist and his spouse, played by Farooque Sheikh and Sarika, were amazing in their performances .Their grief was so real, especially the balcony scene where Sarika tells her husband that she too has lost a son and her pain was equally intense. Her acting was so natural and the whole scene was on single take (new comers should learn from her how to emote naturally and not be over dramatic)! I couldn’t help drool over Sarika’s kurtis and sarees throughout the movie, they were so exquisite.

Why I liked the movie was it was non-judgemental and didn’t give sermons on morals on “Indian Values”, which irritates me a lot in most Bollywood films. It also had a very positive note throughout.

What spoils the movie’s smooth story-telling was its length and one song too many. I feel Raghubir Yadav was a misfit in his role as a Gujarati Mumbaikar as his accent would sometimes switch to a rustic U.P village bum.

But overall it was an emotional journey I undertook with the characters. Watch it for some fine acting, crisp storytelling and great direction. These are movie for which we love the celluloid.

A Still From The Movie

Don’t miss it!
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