Saturday, December 21, 2013

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly?

What do we rejoice about in the passing of this year? What is there to celebrate?

That we killed Democracy in India on 11/12/13 (SC passing Section 377) making criminals out of citizens who use their brains to choose their love partners unbiased on gender issues? Or should we celebrate the fact that we no longer have the fundamental right to choose whom to love? (My 12 years of bragging in Democratic Politics classes to 15 year olds about how wonderful democracy is just got flushed down the polluted Ganga!)

Okay, how about we celebrate freedom- the freedom enjoyed by the Indian women- as an equal citizen. She can go where ever she pleases (especially alone in local trains, mills and malls ); wear whatever she wants (especially jeans and t-shirt); take up any profession(especially journalism and law under able guidance of sex starved male bosses). What’s a few rapes, molestations, sexual favours groping, eve-teasing to stop the 21st Century ‘Nari’ in her new avatar! I feel so safe and secure just by belonging to this great Indian female tribe that I feel the warmth of the blessed season entering my cold lungs and chocking me!

 Now here is one good solid reason we have to celebrate- our country boasts of some really antiquated laws, makes me swell up in pride at this piece of information. It allows 17 year olds who brutally rape and kill on the streets of the capital go scot free but puts parents behind bars for “murdering” their 14-year-old daughter for lack of evidence? Applaud the Great Indian Judiciary, it’s an institution I feel so bright and hopeful about.

Speaking of pride, how do you feel about how we Indians are treated abroad by the arrogant U.S. Government and by all firangis for that matter? (Who cares if they snoop and eves drop on their own citizens?). We are insulated, humiliated, stripped- searched, whether it’s our diplomat Devyani Khobargade , former president of India, cabinet ministers, celebrities, students all alike, treated like the Taliban or the Al  Qaida.

Closer home, I feel the holiday cheer tickling my body silly while surfing the T.V channels where I am entertained to either cross-dressed stand-up comedy shows (what’s with cross-dressing and Indian comedy? ); Or endless animated discussions hosted by arrogant  anchors (read: Arnab Goswami) on topics such as “Indian Culture” or the recent Vidhan Sabha elections. People can’t seem to be able to gather enough balls and form a government at Dilli but insisted of shouting hoarse about “India against corruption” and then forming an Aam Admi party and then sitting around twiddling their thumbs saying ‘Pehle AAP’, while the tax-payer pays for another election tamasha?

Do we cheer for the upcoming  2014 Elections then, where our future lies in the hands of the rising star of Gujarat who personifies hypocrisy, intolerance, authoritarianism and regressive politics who insists he will lead India to “development” (read: lop-sided development ); or for the  imbecile son of the political scion  who gets into fits with his opinions  and then lapses   into  hibernation, it’s a choice between  the devil and the deep blue sea which I am so (not) looking forward to in the new year.

Yes we do seem to have a lot to be cheerful about this season, not even mentioning the onion price rise (will bring tears of joy!), the arrests of God-men and their sons, ( Muzaffarnagar) riots, sugar-cane farmers suicides, mission to Mars and such common every day happenings ! Yeah I am angry. Angry at what I was greeted with each morning of 2013!

And the next person who asks me “What are your New Year plans? How are you celebrating this end of the year season?” is going to get a bash on his head. Fa La La La! 
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