Sunday, February 23, 2014

Little Moments In Life

It was like night time but it was only 4 in the evening. My daughter and I woke up from our afternoon siesta to nefarious winds blowing from the north and the cacophony of doors and windows banging!

The heavens had burst forth and flooded my little garden

The howling winds whistled through my rooms.

Little pellets of ice glittered on my little one’s palm as she collected them showing them off like new found treasure.

Silence descends, the rain had stopped. We go outside to inspect the damage.

No electricity, no inter- net, no television.

As the evening grew candles came out and in their lovely glow we chatted. Stories of ogres and demons. Giggles and laughter filled the house.

Packets of Bikaneri bhujia and tea passed around.

Suddenly the lights came on.

Dismay on our faces. The storm had passed, the crisis was over, and our little picnic was done.

And tomorrow is Monday.

Sometimes we need these moments in life when darkness brings us closer to the ones we love the most.

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